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The Department is a unified structural unit comprising: The Intensive Care Unit, The Operating Unit and The Sterilization Department.

The Intensive Care Unit.

The Unit has 6 beds and is equipped with everything necessary for resuscitation and intensive therapy.

Each bedspace is equipped with:

  • Functional intensive care bed which is capable of being fixed in different functional positions and is equipped with anti-bedsore mattresses and side rails, preventing the patient falling. The versatility of the bed enables the patients for a long time comfortably stay in the Unit, and at the same time allows the medical personnel to provide complete care of the patients and to prevent possible complications associated with long-term stay in the horizontal position
  • Apparatus for artificial and assisted lung ventilation (ALV). The apparatus performs nearly all modern functions of ventilation and ventilation monitoring, which opens new horizons in respiratory therapy. Today, artificial and assisted lung ventilation does not sound like a verdict to the patient, but in the capable hands of a doctor is a reliable tool for treatment of conditions accompanied by respiratory failure.
  • Vital body functions monitoring system. Monitoring is an integral part of intensive care. The monitors can display a full set of critical parameters - including ECG 3-, 5-, 6-, and 10-electrodes (3 to 12 leads), respiratory parameters, the ST segment analysis, etCO2, BIS, EEG, temperature of various parts of the body, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure, and so on. All the parameters are transmitted to a central monitoring station and displayed on the workstation of a doctor or a nurse, ensuring continuous monitoring of the patient in real time.
  • Automated infusion systems. Modern intensive care is unthinkable without accurate injection of large amounts of fluids and medications. Special devices constituting the pump are indispensable assistant to the doctor. The automated infusion system allows to deliver each milligram of the medicine right to the goal.
  • Convective heating systems. Warming blankets provide the achievement and maintenance of normothermia in a patient, which minimizes complications in the perioperative period.
  • Air conditioning systems, which create above each bed a laminar field that provides a stream of purified, practically sterile air, thus protecting the patient from contamination by microorganisms.
  • If indicated, the complex of undertaken measures may include extracorporeal hemocorrection (hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, acute hemodialysis) and temporary electrical cardiac pacing.
  • The intensive care unit is equipped with portable express laboratory:
  • Universal analyzer of critical states allows for during a few minutes to perform all the necessary studies without leaving the patient's bedside, and to estimate the parameters: blood circulation, blood electrolytes, oxygen status, acid-base balance.
  • The laboratory is also equipped with an ultrasound machine and a mobile X-ray machine, which are successfully applied in the emergency diagnostics.
  • The entire range of scientific and technological progress in the field of intensive care is collected within the walls of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in «K+31» Clinic. All this and the team of doctors, who love and know their profession, make it possible to implement, it would seem impossible tasks.

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+7(499) 999-31-31

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