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Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is a highly effective method of research in beam diagnostics. MRI has several advantages over other methods of radiation diagnosis. First and foremost is the lack of X-ray radiation, and therefore no harmful effects on the human body. Second is noninvasiveness of this method which , in contrast to CT, in most of the studies, thanks to the possibility to obtain a good contrast image of soft tissues,  do not require intravenous contrast agent. Moreover,MRI allows to get vessels images without contrast agent injection.

Please note that your studies may be performed  on special conditions:

Save 25% on MRI

from 00.00 Tuesday to 07.00 am Wednesday and from 00.00 Friday to 07.00 Saturday.


  • Spine;

  • Brain and head ;

  • Brain vessels;

  • Pituitary gland;

  • Knee joint and knee;

  • Elbow joint;

  • Shoulder joint;

  • Radiocarpal joint and wrist;

  • Hip joint;

  • Ankle joint;

  • Abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space;

  • Paranasal sinuses;

  • Sacroiliac joints;

  • Sacrococcygeal region;

  • Pelvic organs.

We also perform MRI studies with contrast agent injection.

The Radiology Department in «K+31» Clinic is equipped with MRI imaging Titan produced by Toshiba. It has the force field of 1.5 Tesla and belongs to a class of high field scanners of closed type that allow to receive images of ultrahigh and high definition. Our scanner allows to not only perform such routine studies as scanning of all departments of backbone, major joints and brain, but also more complicated studies that require synchronization of scanning programs with the patient's breathing and heart beats.

Large diameter of the scanner tunnel (up to 71 cm) makes the study process comfortable to virtually all patients in a weight range of up to 170-190 kg. To reduce sound exposure (noise from the working scanner), the patients are offered earplugs.

On average MRI study lasts 15 - 45 minutes.

During the study patients must keep perfectly still. This should be taken into special consideration by patients with pronounced pain syndrome. If, due to severe pain, it is not possible for such a patient to stay in a forced position for a long time, before coming for the study he should turn to his doctor for anesthesia or come for the study after acute pain cupping.

AFTER MRI studies

Remember, the result of MRI is not a diagnosis!

After the study, you need to consult a specialist - neurologist, traumatologist, surgeon, urologist, gynecologist etc. The final diagnosis will be made by your attending doctor who will assign the appropriate for you treatment.


There are absolute and relative contraindications to MRI studies. In the presence of absolute contraindications the study is not possible.  In the presence of relative contraindications, the question of the study possibility is solved individually by MRI specialist performing the study.

Absolute contraindications to MRI studies:

  • pacemakers;

  • brain vessels clips after surgery;

  • large metal implants and splinters in the body;

  • presence of metal shavings and splinters in the eye area;

  • middle ear implants (non-removable hearing aids).

Relative contraindications to MRI studies:

  • prosthetic heart valves;

  • decompensated heart failure;

  • hemostatic clips (except for brain vessels);

  • pregnancy;

  • claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces);

  • presence of the inner ear prosthesis;

  • presence of tattoos, especially in the study area;

  • the need to monitor cardiac performance

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