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Mammalogy (from the Latin mamma - mammary gland and Greek λόγος -. science) - a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis of mammary gland diseases, as well as their treatment and prevention. The scope of the mammalogists activities also includes the reconstruction of mammary glands.

One of the most prevalent breast disease is mastopathy, which is fibrocystic disease, caused by a hormonal imbalance. Treatment and prophylaxis of mastopathy, as well as regular inspections by qualified specialists from Surgery Clinic of «K + 31», make it possible to avoid the development of the widespread forms of mammary glands cancer.

Modern approaches to the treatment of mastopathy may be different, due to extraordinary diversity of clinical, radiological and morphological changes combined into fibrocystic breast disease group. More than 90% of patients who have been treated in mammalogy, suffer some form of fibrocystic breast disease. Despite the fact that fibrocystic breast disease is not considered a precancerous condition, however many experts characterize this pathology as a background, which requires special attention.

In case of any signs or suspicion of a certain pathology, we advise you to immediately contact the experts of the Mammalogy Branch in «K + 31» Surgery, for timely diagnosis of breast diseases and their treatment. We also recommend you to regularly pass inspections regardless of the presence of specific complaints. This will not only allow to timely detect early forms of breast cancer, but also to conduct an effective preventive therapy.

Not only women turn to mammalogists. Gynecomastia in men, as well as various other diseases of mammary glands, is not something exceptional and uncommon. The true gynecomastia in men is connected with increase of  permissible norms of estrogen in the body. The disease may be caused by different endocrinopathies: Klinefelter syndrome, testicular feminization,  Rayfenshteyn syndrome, castration and hypothyroidism, testicular tumor, choriocarcinoma, adrenal and pituitary tumors, and abnormal liver function. Often gynecomastia occurs in young men who are actively involved in sports and consume different agents to increase muscle mass. There is also a false gynecomastia, which is caused by fatty deposits leading to the increase of the breast glands volume.

The Mammology Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, and manipulations in the field of breast reconstruction and plastic.

Contacting the The Mammalogy Clinic is recommended in cases of:

  • suspected tumor processes in the gland (benign or malignant);
  • mastopathies including the most common - fibrocystic;
  • hormonal changes on the part mammary glands;
  • inflammatory processes, including purulent (lactostasis, mastitis, etc.);
  • diagnosed breast cancer;
  • decision on the need to change the shape and size of the breast;
  • prevention of serious diseases of mammary glands and diagnosis of such diseases at the earliest stage.
Consultation of a mammalogist includes:
  • Primary anamnesis, assessment of patient complaints;
  • Complete diagnostics - laboratory, functional (ultrasound, X-ray, mammography) and instrumental (pap smears, biopsies);
  • Diagnosis and prescription of treatment - therapeutic or surgical;
  • Monitoring of the results, rehabilitation, assignment of preventive course.

For men The Mammalogy Clinic offers a set of programs aimed at the cure of gynecomastia of various genesis (hereditary diseases, testicular feminization, castration, etc.).

Regular visiting a mammalogist is a simple and reliable way to preserve your health, and in some cases -  life.

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