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Operating Unit


The Operating Unit is rightfully the pride of our Clinic. The strength of new technologies is visible in its every meter. To ensure aseptic conditions when performing surgical procedures, we use zoning principle. All premises are divided into specific functional zones.

The Unit is divided into 4 zones:

1.      The Sterile Regime Zone.

2.      The Strict Regime Zone

3.      The Restricted Regime Zone

4.      The Hospital-Wide Regime Zone.

The Operating Unit has 8 modern, technologically advanced operating rooms.

In each operating the principle of multi-functional modular system of clean rooms has been implemented. All materials used in the construction fully comply with sanitary, fire, technical and other requirements. Wall and ceiling panels are covered with high-quality surface layer which is resistant to electromagnetic, X-rays, corrosion, impact, disinfectants. In each operating rooms, a special laminar ventilation systems, which is the main element of the prevention of nosocomial septic diseases, has been created. Laminar field over the operating table provides a flow of purified, substantially sterile air circulating at a certain speed, thus creating the effect of air encapsulation of the surgical table layout area. There is a simultaneous blowing away of emitted by the surgical team particles and of those from the wound surface followed by their immediate removal to the exhaust system. The operating rooms correspond to the highest category of purity in accordance with the adopted scale of clean rooms.

Each operating is equipped with:

-          Shadowless surgical operational lamps. Modern luminaires provide a better perception of the surgical field by surgeons and a realistic mapping of the tissues color gamut without heating them. With the new LED's the light does not need to be focused, offering a unique depth and volume of the light field.

-          Systemic operating table. The table is an advanced technical system that combines the operating table and the patient transport vehicle. With it the patient can be easily and safely transported within the operating unit without being additional shifted before surgery.

-          Multifunctional endoscopic rack. The endoscopic rack is a set of equipment for open surgery, in which all the hardware blocks are arranged ergonomically and are integrated on the console. The racks are equipped with tools for different areas of endosurgery, such as laparoscopy, thoracic surgery, gynecology, urology, ENT, arthroscopy, proctology.

-          The universal anesthetic complex. Modern anesthesia machines are capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously giving an opportunity to perform inhalation anesthetic, based on modern steam generating anesthetics; respiratory therapy, with the use of modern ventilation modes and monitoring the full set of critical parameters in real time.

-          The system for monitoring vital body functions. Modern monitors make it possible to implement all the requirements in monitoring and display a full set of critical parameters - including ECG 3-, 5-, 6-, and 10-electrodes (3 to 12 leads), respiratory parameters, the ST segment analysis, etCO2, BIS, EEG, temperature of various parts of the body, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure, and so on.

-          Automated infusion systems. Special devices constituting the pump are indispensable assistant to the doctor. The automated infusion system allows to deliver each milligram of the medicine right to the goal.

-          Convective heating systems. Warming blankets provide the achievement and maintenance of normothermia in a patient, which minimizes complications in the perioperative period.

The Unit is also equipped with microscopes, apparatuses for intraoperative blood reinfusion, electrocoagulators and X-ray equipment.

The entire range of scientific and technological progress in the field of surgery, gynecology, traumatology and orthopedics, neurosurgery, endovascular surgery, urology, plastic surgery is assembled within the walls of «K+31» Operation Unit. All this and the team of doctors, who love and know their profession, make it possible to realize the objectives of any complexity.

The Operating Unit is equipped clinics with the latest technologies allowing to meet the most advanced standards for aseptic and antiseptic. In order to achieve maximum sterility, at planning and equipping the Operating Unit we used the method of zoning 

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