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Specific features of palliative care | What is palliative care? | Psychological comfort of the patient | Why «K + 31»?

Palliative medicine is a health care area, designed to improve the life quality for the patients with different nosological forms of chronic diseases, especially in the terminal stage of the disease, when possibilities of special treatment are limited or exhausted. Palliative care provides protection, complete care and comprehensive support to seriously ill patients and people with incurable diseases.


The main task of the palliative care - not to allow seriously ill people suffer, feel abandoned and miserable, despite the progression of an incurable disease.
The art of the palliative care professionals lies in the ability to create a favorable psychological background in the patient, regardless of awareness of the situation by the patient himself.

This imposes huge requirements for the personnel, demanding the necessity to have the relevant knowledge and a decent level of psychological training, as well as the ability and willingness to work with seriously ill patients. This is a decisive rule in creation of the team of specialists in palliative care in «K + 31» Clinic.


Patients with incurable diseases need special assistance, which should be aimed at the elimination of physical ailment and creation of psychological comfort.

The first type of palliative care is provided by doctors of various professions. The personnel of «K+31» Clinic consists of highly qualified physicians, surgeons, oncologists, therapists, and other specialists, who are ready to provide the necessary assistance included in the complex of palliative care:

  • Elimination of pain (evaluation of pain syndrome, followed by an adequate choice of painkillers starting from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and ending with narcotic analgesics, or the combination of this therapy with co-analgesics).
  • Surgical assistance: the restoration of patency of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, elimination of symptoms of compression and pathological fractures, purulent complications.
  • Removing of associated pathological conditions: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, exhaustion, anemia. Treatment of exacerbations of chronic somatic diseases.
  • Oncological care:palliative chemotherapy courses.
  • Psychiatric and psychological careas to the patient and to his closest entourage. Assistance in changing attitudes towards the disease, including the drug treatment of mental disorders that occur against a background of severe stress due to an incurable disease.


Psychological comfort for the palliative patient should not get less attention than elimination of physical suffering.

The opinion that pain relief is the sole purpose of palliative care is a mistake!

These patients need active custody and individual care, as it helps them to cope with loneliness, bad feelings and fears. Thus, it is possible to relieve the patient from painful emotions and the fear of parting with the family and friends, which significantly improves the quality of life, brings hope and tunes to the treatment.

WHY «K+31»?

Thanks to the best doctors and competent professionals from various fields of medicine, «K + 31» Clinic, gives the unique opportunity of highly professional inpatient palliative care, providing round the clock medical supervision and treatment.

Comfortable single and double hospital wards of «K+31» Clinic are equipped with modern apparatuses for intensive care and monitoring of vital functions. If necessary, the patient relatives may stay in the ward or the patient will be provided round the clock individual care. Continuous monitoring of the patient's state is performed by nursing staff and the medical team, including a physician, cardiologist, surgeon and anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

A complete and comprehensive support to seriously ill patients is the basic principle of palliative care in «K + 31» Clinic.

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