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Children - the most beautiful thing that can happen in the life of every family. We care about their upbringing and education, we try to give them only the best and we want them to remain always healthy. The efforts of opened in «K+31» Pediatric Clinic are focused exactly on the health of your child.

When creating this Clinic we thoroughly studied national and international experience in this field. We have invited highly qualified staff, installed modern equipment, studied traditions and innovations. All this has resulted in creation of ideal conditions for providing medical care for children aged 0 to 18 years.

Every parent can be sure that his child will receive quality service, the diagnosis will be quick and accurate and the treatment (if necessary) will give the expected result.


On the permanent basis the doctors of more than 20 specialities work in the Clinic. All of them are highly qualified and have good practical experience. If necessary, we invite the best Moscow doctors or conduct consiliums with involvement of Doctors and Candidates of Medicine Sciences, Professors. In severe cases, we can arrange the examination of the patient by several doctors, thus ensuring the correct diagnosis and the proper treatment.

The specific feature of our employees is that all of them have completed a course in child psychology. This helps them to confidently communicate with the youngest patients, to tune them to the need for inspection, reassure them that everything is done quickly and painlessly. Our specialists create a warm, comfortable and confidential atmosphere between the doctor, the child and parent.



If your child has a health problem, he does not eat well or on the contrary - overeats, we advise you to turn to our pediatrician. Call the Clinic if your child has the following symptoms:

  • high temperature ;
  • cough;
  • runny nose;
  • rash;
  • ache in the ears and stomach.

We assist in the Clinic and at home. We also offer the service "Personal pediatrician", when the family is allocated a separate pediatrician looking after the health of all children. This specialist will resolve all medical and organizational issues, always staying in touch and ready to help in difficult situations.

In «K + 31» Clinic we have extensive pediatric experience, the best medical equipment and professionals in this field. All this allows us to diagnose in the shortest possible time and without discomfort to the patient. On the same day, when you turned for help, the pediatrician may prescribe the following studies: MRI, CT, X-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, laboratory diagnostics and specialist consultations.

The pediatrician performs:

  • Assessment of mental and physical health of the child;
  • Dispensary examinations;
  • Prevention of diseases and undesirable health conditions;
  • Early identification of risk factors for various pathologies;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases;
  • Issuance of certificates for going on vacation;
  • Issuance of certificates for the pool;
  • Issuance of health documents and extracts from the patient card;
  • Preparation of health records for kindergarten and school;
  • Vaccination.

The pediatrician advices on:

  • The diet for healthy and ill baby;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Lifestyle, the regime of the day, the physical and mental loads;
  • Adaptation to the children garden and school.


An otolaryngologist conducts dispensary examinations of children and the removal of foreign bodies from the ENT-organs (nasal, auditory, and other passages). On the day of visit to the expert, he can assign the following diagnostics:

  • MRI;
  • CT;
  • Nasal endoscopy;
  • Otoacoustic emissions (study of hearing acuity in young children);
  • Audiometry (study of hearing acuity);
  • Tympanometry (study of the mobility of the eardrum, the functions of the middle ear and the conductivity of of the auditory ossicles).

Otolaryngologists conduct conservative treatment of:

  • Acute and chronic vasomotor rhinitis;
  • Otitis (including exudative and purulent);
  • Allergic, chronic and acute adenoiditis;
  • Sinusitis;
  • Hearing loss and dysfunction of the auditory tubes.

The Clinic specialists also conduct preventive measures against aggravations of chronic tonsillitis (washing the lacunas of the tonsils) and course treatment of hearing impairments (pneumo massage of eardrums and blowing of auditory tubes).


The specialists in this field conduct dispensary examinations of children, applying modern medical equipment, which allows to perform all the procedures without any discomfort to the child. In our Clinic, we have a  a medical cabinet for non-surgical vision correction, where ophthalmologists conduct prevention and treatment of strabismus, astigmatism, myopia, amblyopia and hypermetropia of medium and high degrees. We use well-proven practices and equipment – such apparatuses as Makdel, Muskulotrener, Vizotronik, Forbis, Sinoptofor, devices for colorchrome stimulation, transcutaneous stimulation of the optic nerve, and various computer programs.

An ophthalmologist treats:

  • Strabismus;
  • Refractive pathologies;
  • Ocular fundus pathologies;
  • Inflammation of eye and its appendages;
  • Amblyopia;

... As well as carry out the extraction of foreign bodies, the selection of glasses and contact lenses of any complexity.

Children's gynecology

Our specialists conduct dispensary examinations of girls. Timely conducted examination helps to identify violations of sexual development, risk factors for gynecological diseases and diagnose congenital abnormalities. In «K + 31» one can undergo diagnostics, prevention and treatment of the most common inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, vaginitis) - including sexually transmitted diseases.

Gynecologists adjust menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, treat synechias of the labia minora, provide advice on the selection of contraception.

Pediatric urology-andrology

Pediatric urologists-andrologists conduct dispensary examinations of boys to early detect urological diseases (including congenital), as well as to identify the violations of sexual development and inflammatory diseases. In the competence of the urologist-andrologist is also diagnostic, prevention and treatment of synechias and the external genitalia of boys.

Children's dentist

Our specialist will render the following assistance for your child:

  • Treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth hard tissues;
  • Treatment of caries (including its complications - pulpitis and periodontitis);
  • Treatment of periodontal disease and oral mucosa;
  • Prevention of dental diseases;
  • Cosmetic dentistry;
  • Selection of hygiene;
  • Training in oral hygiene;
  • Teeth fissure sealing (for deciduous and permanent teeth);
  • Coating the teeth with fluoride varnish.

Surgical Dentistry Services:

  • Removal of deciduous and permanent teeth at diseases and physiological change in the bite;
  • Plastic of frenulum of tongue and upper lip;
  • Excision of the frenulum of lips and tongue.

Additionally, the orthodontists of «K+31» Clinic can correct malocclusion and position of teeth (with application of removable and nonremovable devices).

Laboratory in «K + 31» Clinic

The Laboratory in «K+31» Clinic boasts the best equipment that can be found on the modern medical market. Thanks to the high-quality technologies, we conduct diagnostics in the shortest possible time and with a high percentage of accuracy. Our patients will be glad to know that they can undergo examination on the day of the visit to the Clinic without waiting in line for a long time. Moreover, to pass the tests there is no need to come to the Clinic, you may simply call our specialist home.

We provide the following laboratory diagnostics:

  • Blood biochemistry;
  • General clinical tests of feces, urine, blood;
  • PCR diagnostics;
  • Hormonal, serological, cytological and bacteriological tests.

«K + 31» Clinic - comfortable and modern!

We always focus on the quality of our services, purchasing high-precision and advanced equipment, inviting experienced professionals and constantly improving customer service. For our little guests we opened the Pediatrics Clinic, which is located in a bright and cozy premises, where each child will feel safe.

The Clinic has a games area, a feeding area, a spacious, bright lobby. Come and see – here you can get quality health care with maximum comfort!

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