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Psychological and psychotherapeutic aid

The head of the Clinic is Plyukhina Yulia Alexandrovna

The Clinic specialists help to solve psychological problems of personal and interpersonal nature, as well as difficulties in everyday life.

Particular attention is paid to critical human states:

  • Hard going through the loss of the loved ones
  • Consequences of violence and attacks
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Panic attacks, phobias (fears)
  • Acute conflicts (intrafamily, interpersonal, at work)
  • Depressive states.
  • A significant loss of health (as a result of an accident, illness or surgery)
  • Effects of local and large-scale emergencies (road accident, fire, explosion, collapse, technological or transport disaster, a terrorist attack).
  • If you often think about the futility of existence or lost the meaning of life

We are also ready to help the elderly, who often report an increase of anxiety, mood fluctuations, sleep disturbance, decline of memory and attention spans.

The indisputable advantage of the Clinic is an opportunity of confidential treatment.

In the process of counseling we help our patients to solve the problems of self- awareness and awareness of difficulties, that are disturbing them, and to find the ways of their solution, to achieve the state of psychological comfort in maintaining mental health, to increase personal responsibility for the course of their lives.

The Clinic specialists

The success in normalization of the mental state depends on the doctor's ability to find a «key» to understanding the patient. To choose such a «key» is sometimes really hard, but extensive experience and good clinical thinking allow our doctors to do it quickly and accurately.

The Clinic specialists have all the necessary skills and qualities that help to create an atmosphere of trust in contact with the patient and his relatives. This is also facilitated by their regular training in scientific centers in Russia and abroad, participation in specialized forums and conferences devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of various forms of mental disorders.

Thanks to highly qualified medical staff, psychological and psychotherapeutic aid in «K+31» Clinic is aimed at success and already brings good results, thus preserving your health.

The Clinic equipment

Disorders treatment is performed through application of various psychotherapeutic techniques, group therapy, medical therapy.

Comfortable single- and double-bed wards in the Clinic predispose our patients to communicate with the doctor, adjust them to treatment and speedy recovery. In «K + 31» Clinic we have all necessary conditions for a comfortable stay, including special VIP wards.

The main advantage of the Clinic is modern diagnostic center which is equipped with the latest  diagnostic instruments and employs highly qualified specialists of all branches of medicine. Psychotherapists are actively collaborating with doctors of other professions (neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, therapists, urologists, gynecologists and others) as well as with the experts of the Clinic laboratory and the specialists of radiation diagnosis. All this allows our patients during their stay in the Clinic not only to solve their mental health problems, but also to examine and, if necessary, to treat other organs and systems.

In case of necessity, psychological disorders may be treated pharmacologically. In the Clinic we use the most effective domestic and foreign medications which have been proven by time and and reputable clinical trials. Thanks to deep knowledge of the pharmacokinetics (the science of chemical transformations of medicines in the body) and pharmacodynamics (the science of the mechanism of medications action in the body), our doctors will pick up for you an individually regimen with maximum effect and minimum number of medications tailored to your daily rhythm.

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