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Ambulance call

The first-aid medical / reanimation brigade may be called to the patient's home.

The doctor will evaluate the patient condition and report on the phone to the emergency room, where, by the time of the patient's arrival. examination and treatment plan will be developed. 

All ambulances are equipped with everything necessary for a quality and comfortable transportation of patients, including patients in very serious condition. The patients may be also transported in reanimobiles equipped with apparatuses for artificial and assisted lung ventilation (ALV), etc. For patients with acute injury, there are special vacuum mattresses.

Areas of activity:


Emergency cardiology is provision of emergency medical care to patients with acute disorders of the cardiovascular system, and life-threatening loss of health and workability.

Emergency cardiology is necessary in the following cases:

  • acute myocardial infarction;

  • unstable angina;

  • hypertensive crisis;

  • abrupt disturbances in rhythm and conduction of cardiac activity;

  • acute heart failure.

Reception in the Emergency Cardiology Department includes:

  1. Visual assessment of the syndromes severity degree and examination by a specialized professional.

  2. Emergency diagnostics:

  • modern coronary angiography, which allows to simultaneously make a diagnosis and to conduct subsequent treatment: to stent vessels and to perform angioplasty;

  • multispiral CT;

  • MRI;

  • X-ray examination

  • ultrasound study of vessels;

  • ECG;

  • laboratory diagnostics.

  1. Diagnosis and a complex of therapeutic measures:

  • emergency restoration of coronary blood flow;

  • high tech manipulations, providing stabilization of cardiac function in patients with myocardial infarction and unstable angina;

  • angioplasty, stenting;

  • emergency cardiac surgery;

  • intensive therapy.

  1. Continuous monitoring of the patient's status with the help of installed in the hospital wards devices for ongoing monitoring of :

  • respiratory rate;

  • blood pressure;

  • oxygen content in the blood;

  • ECG;

  • monitoring of other functions stipulated by the treatment program.

High-tech equipment, qualified specialists (surgeons, cardiologists, reanimatologists, anesthesiologists) and the application of the latest techniques allow to return and preserve health and working capacity of our patients.


Emergency urology means an emergency care for acute conditions of urinary and genital systems. Timely treatment and promptly conducted manipulations will help preserve the health and self-confidence.

Emergency urology solves a complex of problems:

  • priapism;

  • acute pyelonephritis (kidney disease);

  • acute urethritis (inflammation of the urethra);

  • acute cystitis (bladder inflammation);

  • acute orchitis (testicular inflammation);

  • penile fracture and other traumatic nature problems;

  • emergency prophylaxis of genital infections after unprotected sex;

  • acute epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis).

It is recommended to turn to the Emergency Urology Department in the following cases:

  • sharp pain in the genital area or pelvis;

  • painful, difficult urination, including the cases when it is accompanied by fever, the appearance of blood and pus in the urine;

  • traumas of the genitals;

  • general health deterioration, accompanied by unpleasant phenomena in the urogenital system;

  • STD prophylaxis.

Treatment in the Emergency Urology Department includes:

  1. Assessment of the patient's condition and complaints, examination by a specialized professional.

  2. Laboratory, instrumental, functional diagnostics.

  3. The diagnosis, prescription of treatment - conservative or operative.

  4. Rehabilitation and prophylaxis.

Personnel and technical equipping of the Emergency Urology Department:

- highly skilled professionals – urologists, andrologist, surgeons, diagnosticians

anesthesiologists, venereologists;

  • modern diagnostic equipment - ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray and laboratory which meets the standards of progressive medicine;

  • equipment and supplies for emergency surgical interventions, including - minimally invasive: laparoscopic, endoscopic and laser.

Men's health is the basis of harmony in the family, longevity and self-confidence. In case of serious malaises, the optimum way out is to visit the Emergency Urology Department.


Emergency surgery is performed to save the life and health of the patient in cases requiring emergency hospitalization and immediate manipulations.

Emergency surgery is the only solution in cases of acute conditions, sharp aggravation of diseases and inflammation of the internal organs:

  • appendix;

  • gallbladder;

  • intestine (strangulated hernia, perforated duodenal ulcer, obstruction);

  • pancreas;

  • liver (obstructive jaundice);

  • kidney (colic);

  • general purulent processes of the abdominal cavity (peritonitis);

  • a number of other dangerous processes.

Developing on the background of chronic processes or occurring suddenly, such states directly threat to the patient's life, and in the absence of a competent surgical treatment, may result in death.

A call to the Emergency Surgery Department is recommended in cases of:

  • sharp, sudden or progressive deterioration of the general condition (weakness, drowsiness, chills), accompanied by fever and other symptoms, or without them;

  • acute or prolonged, exhausting pain;

  • sharp pain in the back, abdomen, lower back;

  • loss of consciousness, convulsions.

The Department has all necessary equipment, and is staffed by highly professional specialists who able to quickly and efficiently solve any problem in the field of emergency surgery.

To solve problems of any complexity, to patient services are:

  1. Round-the-clock operation of the Emergency Surgery Department, and constant availability of our professionals.

  2. Fast and accurate diagnosis of the condition and the severity of the problem. Diagnostics and studies performed on the basis of:

  • examination by a professional;

  • X-ray data;

  • ultrasound study;

  • CT and MRI;

  • endoscopy;

  • laboratory and express diagnostics.

  1. Experienced surgeons who master perfect techniques and methods of emergency surgery, and are ready to perform surgical treatment, applying traditional or modern (endoscopic and laparoscopic) techniques.

  2. Operating units which are equipped with modern technical devices and tools, and allow to perform full intensive care and high-tech operations.

  3. Surgical hospital which allows a full cycle of postoperative rehabilitation procedures for a quick and complete recovery.

The Department ensures prompt and most efficient provision of emergency surgical care, including - for patients who are in critical condition.

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