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The hospital of "K + 31" Clinic is a new 4 floors building with 66 wards of different types: comfortable double, cozy single and of increased level of comfort. All hospital wards are equipped with functional beds, free internet, TV, refrigerator, lavatory and shower cabin, as well as individual safes.

The operating unit  of "K + 31" Clinic is equipped with the latest facilities. Modern ventilation system provides not only comfort, but also hygienic safety. The unit has 4 newest complexes for performing minimally invasive operations on internal organs. Such laparoscopic operations permit to put our patients on feet as soon as possible.

When performing operations we use the best modern tools, innovative suture and hemostatic materials as well as mesh endoprostheses. It is also possible to video record the operations and monitor them remotely in real time mode.

Our medical staff applies:

-          Modular monitors allowing to register parameters of vital body functions in real-time;

-          Anesthetic- are  respiratory equipment with "intelligent" mode allowing to connect  assisted ventilation of the lungs and conduct automatic interpretation of clinical data;

-          Automated infusion dosing systems allowing to accurately inject medicines;

-          Multifunctional beds capable of imparting body any position and  providing maximum comfort for the patients.

Our equipment allows full monitoring of hemodynamic parameters, rapid assessment of the state of breathing, blood indicators, water-electrolyte and albuminous balance, hemostatic and other metabolic disorders.

The combination of high professionalism, modern equipment, comfort and the latest medications make operations of any complexity maximum safe. All this creates conditions for a smooth course of rehabilitation, and, in case of necessity, allows to conduct full intensive care.

Provision of infectious safety prophylaxis in the hospital of «K+31» Clinic

Provision of infectious safety prophylaxis in the hospital of «K+31» Clinic

means strict adherence to anti-epidemic regime in accordance with the requirements of sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms SanPiN "Sanitary and Epidemiological requirements to organizations involved in medical activities."

Cleanliness of inpatient unit is a kind of "calling card" of the Clinic. This is the first thing that draws patients attention at admission to the hospital for treatment or rehabilitation.

                 Disinfection and the use of disposable materials

To prevent occurrence and dissemination as well as to eliminate communicable diseases we conduct disinfection and sterilization measures aimed of annihilation of pathogenic microorganisms in the medical facility. To achieve it, in multidisciplinary hospital of «K+31» Clinic we use only those agents which have no adverse effects on humans and are permitted in the Russian Federation.

To prevent occurrence of various types of hospital-acquired infections (HAI), in the hospital of «K+31» Clinic, disposable medical purpose consumables are used.

The following objects that can be transfer factors of HAI are subjected to disinfection:

-          medical items;

-          hands of personnel;

-          cutaneous covering (operational and injection field) of the patients;

-          items of patient care;

-          the surface of objects, equipment and indoor air;

-          bed, bedding, tables, crockery;

-          excretions and biological fluids of patients (mucus, blood, etc.);

-          medical waste

Disinfection of surgical dressings and treatment rooms

In respect of infectious safety the most significant hospital sites are sterile zones - dressings and treatment rooms. These premises must meet the increased requirements for organization and maintenance of anti-epidemic regime.

Alcohol containing antiseptics are used to disinfect hands of personnel, cutaneous covering (operational and injection field) of the patients and elbow bends of donors. To conduct the assigned procedures we use only individual, sterile and disposable medical consumables, which are subject to disinfection and further recycling.

Medical purpose reusable materials, that have been in contact with skin and mucosa of the patient, are subject to immediate disinfection and onward transportation to the Central Sterilization Department (CSSD), where they are subjected to cleaning and sterilization.

Agents of broad antimicrobial (virucidal, bactericidal, etc.) spectrum are used to disinfect medical instruments. The couch in the treatment room is wiped clean and covered with a clean sheet prior to each new patient visit.

Prophylactic and general cleaning of the premises in the multidisciplinary hospital

Prophylactic cleaning of offices, surfaces, instruments, equipment, etc. is done three times a day with the use of disinfectants and detergents, that allows to combine decontamination of the facility with its washing, thus ensuring annihilation of the bacterial microflora.

General cleaning of dressing and treatment rooms is done once a week with the use of antimicrobial disinfectants. All surfaces in the offices (including hard to reach areas), equipment (including lighting), are subjected to washing, cleaning and disinfection followed by air disinfection.

Cleaning of the wards and corridors is done by professional staff of a cleaning company round the clock. Prophylactic cleanings in the wards are done daily. In case of the patient's presence in the hospital ward during cleaning, non-hazardous disinfectants and detergents are used.

Before admission of the patient to the ward, his bed is made with clean linen.

Linen change:

-           in 1-bed wards - every other day;

-           in 2-bed wards -  after two days.

 Linen is changed immediately when it is dirty. Linen is washed in a specialized laundry.

After patient's discharge from the hospital, general cleaning with the use of disinfectant solutions  is done in the ward. All surfaces, including small parts of the cabinets, beds, waterproof mattress covers are cleaned and the air is disinfected.

Hygienic care for patients

To provide hygienic care for patients who due to different reasons have no opportunities to serve themselves, as well as to prevent pressure ulcers,  professional nurses services may be offered.

A professional nurse is to wash patient, wipe his face and body parts, help to rinse his mouth and so every morning and evening, as well as after eating and body contamination. All procedures are recorded in a special register and monitored by a nurse on duty daily.

All patient care items, oxygen masks, electro-vacuum suction hoses, Esmorh mugs, urethral catheters, and others are disinfected in a special solution and subsequently recycled. To process patient care items (vessel, urinals, basins, etc.) special washing and disinfecting installations are used.

Meals in the hospital

The patients of the multidisciplinary hospital of «K+31» Clinic four times a day receive individually portioned meals ("tablet-food"). For each patient the personnel of the hospital distributing line prepares an individual lid-covered tray (thermo-container) with a set of meals corresponding to the dietary table, which is formed in accordance with the assignments of the attending physician. The meals are delivered in special thermo-containers placed on trolleys. After meals,  the tableware is processed by special solutions and detergents.

The buffets in the hospital are equipped with:

-          a sink for washing hands for a barmaid;

-          specialized containers for disinfecting cookware (in the case of anti-epidemic measures);

-          a household refrigerator;

-          a microwave oven;

-          a dishwasher;

-          electric kettles

The schedule of preventive and general cleanings is similar to that in procedural and dressing rooms.

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